Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 1 of Abbott Family Reunion

Day 1:    We went to a park and took family pictures. After pictures we had dinner. It was VERY yummy! Our family took pictures last so I had no place to sit, but luckily I thought of sitting in the grass, so I did. Ten the next think I knew a ton of people were sitting there.After dessert we went up a huge hill to take a group photo. We saw a few turtles there. There was a bridge and a mini waterfall across it. They (My cousins) threw a sock down one end and tried to find it at the other end. I decided to walk across a little edge without slipping even though there was algae. Right when I thought I was going to make it, I SLIPPED flat on my bum. My leg was screaming  in pain! Jonah found me crying and told my dad. My uncle Dave helped as well. My dad carried me to a bench. I was soaking wet! :(     Then it was time for family pictures then my cousin  I think, Levi? got soaked as well. We took our pictures in a field that looked like long dead grass. There was a fence around it, it was hard get over it. Then we were ready, but unfortunately the people in the back ( I was in the back ) had to duck down a little so two of my cousins helped me. I am not complaining or anything, it was the best day ever I had in a long time. Then the older kids ( 11 and up )slept in a tent in my Grandma and Grandpa's house. The younger kids slept in tents or on the tramp. The boys slept in one tent and the girls slept in another. But Sophie slept inside and I slept in the tent with my other cousin, Sabrina. We had lots of fun at night, but the boys kept yelling at us to go to sleep........we didn't.......because we having SO much fun.
                                             Here's my cousin Cloe and my Aunt Hilary at the park.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Visiting Victorville

                                                      Mojave River Adventure!

 My grandpa LOVES to take his grandkids to the Mojave River. My Grandma's not a's a ditch. ha ha. BUT...It really is a river just shallow...and feels nice and cool and relaxing on your feet when it is 100 degrees outside.
Here's my dad and Jonah and me trudging through the water.
Do I look sunburned??? Ha Ha!
My dad picked up this red crawdad (also called a crayfish) is saying..."Help! Put me back in the water...please..." :)