Tuesday, December 16, 2014

New Home

        I am proud to announce that we got a house! It's in Lehi, Utah about ten minutes away from my aunt and uncle, David and Amber.  I will still be attending elementary school so I won't have to be that new kid in the middle of middle school. I haven't seen the house yet but I know it's a two story. My family and I plan to move in on the 29th. The day after Christmas my dad will fly to the storage unit in Arizona. Apparently someone broke in and tore our boxes open, we assume nothing was stolen. So he'll probably tape the boxes up and drive to Utah. I can't wait to sleep without my oldest brothers. The new school I'm attending may or may not have band, but I hope they do because I love playing the clarinet. My parents are happy that they don't have to house hunt, but my dad still has to job hunt. We are very thankful for this, and hope my dad will find a job soon. 

Monday, December 1, 2014


             Our trip to Utah was beautiful, I forgot how pretty the mountains looked. My brother, Declan, was easier to take care of because he's seven months old now. It's Declan's first Christmas this year, and I am hoping for a white Christmas. In Arizona it only snows about once every thirty years. My cousins, Hannah, Maggie, Sophie, Caleb, and Katrina, are a joy to play with. We all like playing Harry Potter Clue, and watching Studio C together. When Katrina plays Harry Potter Clue with us we convert the characters into princesses, and scary objects into magical items. For example the "Floo Powder" is glitter. Caleb, Katrina and I are home schooled, while Hannah, Maggie, and my other brothers Ethan, Jonah, and Asher go to a public school. I think I will like it here in Utah.