Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

This year for Halloween I was a Hobo. I got an old shaggy plaid jacket, and ripped up pants. I also carried a stick with a bag at the end. But the  problem with that was that I kept hitting people in the face with my stick! I also went Trick-or-treating with my friend Anna. I felt so bad for the people I hit, I also accidently poked a man in the eye!! YIKES !! oh well next year I'll probably do a more simpler costume. After a couple hours out, I went home with my other friend, Allison, in her dad's car It was FREEZING COLD . The only way I could get warm was ducking down and squeezing  in a tight corner. When I got home I wrapped up in a blanket, eating my candy, and watching old Garfelid Halloween shows on my dad's old computer.             What a crazy Halloween!! :)

Sunday, August 25, 2013


Sorry folks, I am switching to the Clarinet at the last minute. It turns out LOTS of people were playing the trumpet , more boys. My mom played Clarinet as well. I am OK ,I can make a sound but its not very good. L.M.B.O. :) Two of my friends are playing flute and the clarinets get to sit by the flutes!! I am always the last person out of band. My band teacher is Mr. Anderson. Last year it was Mr. Zaur, but he moved to a different school. :(   It hurts my hand when I go into the right position my mom says it'll get some getting use to. Just making sure you all know I am now a clarinetist.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

School coming soon!!

I am so exited for school!! But most of my friends aren't. Mainly because I kind of like school, both learning and the social life it's kind of like living in the jungle sometimes. For fifth grade I got Mrs. Hall. Everybody says she's nice and I trust them. I also think that it will be a wonderful year!! :)  My brother jonah got Mrs. Bretzke for fourth grade. I had her last year and she was fun. My other twin brother has Mrs. Dugan she's new this year. My youngest brother Asher has Mrs. Rissi. He's not  happy about his teacher. But I think she will be a great engaging  teacher.  This year art special ( class) comes to your classroom for art. I also get the opportunity to play...... THE TRUMPET!! Now our house will be as loud as ever. He-He :)


Saturday, July 27, 2013


I adore beanie boos. They have the cutest eyes! I have Wishful, the unicorn,Safari the giraffe, Peanut the elephant and Fetch the dog. There are ghosts, turtles, tigers, lions, sheep,cheetahs, penguins, monkeys,bears,bees,ext. Here are some pics I thought were the cutest ever!!!!!!!!! Aren't they adorable?????? :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Day 1 of Abbott Family Reunion

Day 1:    We went to a park and took family pictures. After pictures we had dinner. It was VERY yummy! Our family took pictures last so I had no place to sit, but luckily I thought of sitting in the grass, so I did. Ten the next think I knew a ton of people were sitting there.After dessert we went up a huge hill to take a group photo. We saw a few turtles there. There was a bridge and a mini waterfall across it. They (My cousins) threw a sock down one end and tried to find it at the other end. I decided to walk across a little edge without slipping even though there was algae. Right when I thought I was going to make it, I SLIPPED flat on my bum. My leg was screaming  in pain! Jonah found me crying and told my dad. My uncle Dave helped as well. My dad carried me to a bench. I was soaking wet! :(     Then it was time for family pictures then my cousin  I think, Levi? got soaked as well. We took our pictures in a field that looked like long dead grass. There was a fence around it, it was hard get over it. Then we were ready, but unfortunately the people in the back ( I was in the back ) had to duck down a little so two of my cousins helped me. I am not complaining or anything, it was the best day ever I had in a long time. Then the older kids ( 11 and up )slept in a tent in my Grandma and Grandpa's house. The younger kids slept in tents or on the tramp. The boys slept in one tent and the girls slept in another. But Sophie slept inside and I slept in the tent with my other cousin, Sabrina. We had lots of fun at night, but the boys kept yelling at us to go to sleep........we didn't.......because we having SO much fun.
                                             Here's my cousin Cloe and my Aunt Hilary at the park.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Visiting Victorville

                                                      Mojave River Adventure!

 My grandpa LOVES to take his grandkids to the Mojave River. My Grandma's not a's a ditch. ha ha. BUT...It really is a river just shallow...and feels nice and cool and relaxing on your feet when it is 100 degrees outside.
Here's my dad and Jonah and me trudging through the water.
Do I look sunburned??? Ha Ha!
My dad picked up this red crawdad (also called a crayfish) is saying..."Help! Put me back in the water...please..." :)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Last Week of School!!!!!!!!! :)

This is the last week of school for our school. I wonder what teacher I will get. Hopefully, Mrs.Hall because  my friend, Marley told me she won't yell. But I will probably warm up with the teacher I get, I always do... well so far. I will miss my teacher, Mrs. Bretzke she makes every thing interesting. But she ALWAYS want you to pay attention. She always says " practice your math facts!!." So I'm planning to do exactly that. It will be really funny and exiting if Ethan or Jonah gets Mrs. Bretzke. I'm think that Fifth grade will be hard. In that grade you have to choose a famous person and do a lot of stuff, including making a board. I think I'm going to do someone cool and whose first name is Elizabeth. I am so exited for Summer on the eighth I will be heading California. But I am also sad because  my B.F.F's birthday party is then. :(   Every Day will feel like a Saturday.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Academic Night

At our school we have this thing called Academic Night. You get to go if you get all A's or 1 B. It is only for fourth grade trough sixth grade. It was really scary, but O.K. We had to go to the Art Room at the end of school  to practice "The Walk". First we would meet in the art room then get in our lines.One line for sixth grade and another for fifth  and the same for fourth grade. Sadly we had to  line up in ABC order. Since my last name is Abbott, I was first in line. Usually I followed the person in Front of  me there was only one problem there was no one in front of me.Then we had to walk  into the Cafeteria and sit down on reserved benches. Then Mrs. Droeg calls our grade and the end person lines up at the end of the room and the first person steps in front and takes one step forward and the whole line steps forward. Then they call you up by name the you come up and Mrs. Flournoy ( the principal ) gives you a special Pin then you sit back down. On the night of the thing I saw my friend Anna she did not make it to Academic Night but she still came to support me and my other friend Allison. After that we got cookies and Lemonade out in the hall. It was fun!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This is a stray cat in my neighborhood that I named Misty and she is resting on a couch in my neighbor's yard.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Studio C :)

I love Studio C ( the T.V show on B.Y.U. T.V.). It is SO funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for the next episode! Here are some of their names, Matt, Malory,Whitney,James, Stacey,Jason, Adam,and Spencer. My favorite episode is Season 2 episode 1 it was hilarious! :) The Drivers ED teacher was being SO dramatic and don't forget funny! This week is AIMS( Arizona Instrument to Meet Standards) and I start on Mon. and the next episode is made but I have to watch it after school and Piano! I hope you will watch it too! I won't forget the part when Jeremy says he cries around beautiful women!!!!! Ha Ha!, :).  ...... What is your favorite T.V. show????????

Sunday, April 7, 2013

#1 Harry Potter Fan

I have been reading Harry Potter books with my dad since the beginning of third grade. I am in the end of fourth grade and I am reading the sixth book, The Half Blood Prince. Personally I do not  know who my favorite character is. The author, J.K. Rowling, lived in England (Which I love) and is now rich and has a mansion in Ireland (I am irish). I have read her biography and she is a lot like me  and have the same background. I don't just like the book because the author but also because of the book. I am not aloud to watch PG 13 movies so I have only watched book 1,2 and three. After I am done with  the sixth book we can watch the movie because it is PG. Almost everybody I know have watched only the movies but not the book! I think the book is way better and it can help your reading skills.After I read  all the books I am thinking of reading the Pearcy Jackson series. When I turn 19 I want to go to England, but I have to go where Jesus injures me to go.

Zoo Overnight

On April 5 I went to the Phoenix Zoo, with my friend Brooklynn. On the Way we saw a car crash, even a Police car got damaged. My Mom drove us in my Dad's car. Mom thought we were sleeping outside on the cement but we weren't, we were sleeping in an Activity building. She packed hot pajamas and a big sleeping bag but I slept outside my sleeping bag and I was fine. When we got there we saw many people there already.We met at the Bridge. Five minutes later my friend Katrina finally saw me and nearly hugged me to death! This was my first time sleeping without my Family and I was Home sick. Then we met the staff that were going to come with us, there was Autumn, Max, Blake (a girl), Tom, and Candace. We then hiked to the building we were going to stay at. First Autumn told us a story: A Zookeeper was cleaning a gorilla's cage while the gorilla was in her night house. Then he was done and the gorilla went back in her cage. The Zookeeper left a fifty dollar bill in there. He was willing to trade a lot of fruit to the Gorilla for the bill. Then the gorilla ate it up because if the Zookeeper  was willing to trade a ton of fruit for the bill, she thought it would be the yummiest thing she has ever eaten. But the Bill was disgusting. Then we went on a hike at ten o'clock! We could barely see the animals because it was so dark.We came back and the staff talked about many different animals and showed us live ones too. After that we went on another hike and ate snack at a little hut. We had lots of fun and Autumn taught us a song called "A tootie ta" then we hiked back and set up our sleeping bags.  The girls slept in one room and the boys slept in another. It took a long time for me to go to sleep. But I did. Katrina and Lindsay slept next to me. We woke up before six thirty! At six thirty we went on a hike to our breakfast. It was really yummy! Then we went on another hike. We saw a rhino and her name was Half Ear because half of her ear was cut off. We also saw a female and Male lion, and a girl tiger named Hotsia. Then we met Sok, the baboon. Max says he is very violent. We heard the female screech too. Then we went home.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pink Eye

Me and Ethan and Jonah my brothers have pink eye though my brother Asher does not. He sleeps in the same room as my brothers and still no pink eye! My Mom doesn't either, nor my dad. I have to stay Home and I have a HUGE report to do in school on the State of Maryland. Of course we still have to have eye drops. I hate waking up in the morning with goop stuck to my eyes!