Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy Halloween!!

This year for Halloween I was a Hobo. I got an old shaggy plaid jacket, and ripped up pants. I also carried a stick with a bag at the end. But the  problem with that was that I kept hitting people in the face with my stick! I also went Trick-or-treating with my friend Anna. I felt so bad for the people I hit, I also accidently poked a man in the eye!! YIKES !! oh well next year I'll probably do a more simpler costume. After a couple hours out, I went home with my other friend, Allison, in her dad's car It was FREEZING COLD . The only way I could get warm was ducking down and squeezing  in a tight corner. When I got home I wrapped up in a blanket, eating my candy, and watching old Garfelid Halloween shows on my dad's old computer.             What a crazy Halloween!! :)


  1. Too bad about the poking stick part, but besides that it sounded pretty successful :) Fun! Do you have a favorite Halloween Candy?

  2. Ya. I really love 3 musketeers!!!