Sunday, May 19, 2013

Last Week of School!!!!!!!!! :)

This is the last week of school for our school. I wonder what teacher I will get. Hopefully, Mrs.Hall because  my friend, Marley told me she won't yell. But I will probably warm up with the teacher I get, I always do... well so far. I will miss my teacher, Mrs. Bretzke she makes every thing interesting. But she ALWAYS want you to pay attention. She always says " practice your math facts!!." So I'm planning to do exactly that. It will be really funny and exiting if Ethan or Jonah gets Mrs. Bretzke. I'm think that Fifth grade will be hard. In that grade you have to choose a famous person and do a lot of stuff, including making a board. I think I'm going to do someone cool and whose first name is Elizabeth. I am so exited for Summer on the eighth I will be heading California. But I am also sad because  my B.F.F's birthday party is then. :(   Every Day will feel like a Saturday.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Academic Night

At our school we have this thing called Academic Night. You get to go if you get all A's or 1 B. It is only for fourth grade trough sixth grade. It was really scary, but O.K. We had to go to the Art Room at the end of school  to practice "The Walk". First we would meet in the art room then get in our lines.One line for sixth grade and another for fifth  and the same for fourth grade. Sadly we had to  line up in ABC order. Since my last name is Abbott, I was first in line. Usually I followed the person in Front of  me there was only one problem there was no one in front of me.Then we had to walk  into the Cafeteria and sit down on reserved benches. Then Mrs. Droeg calls our grade and the end person lines up at the end of the room and the first person steps in front and takes one step forward and the whole line steps forward. Then they call you up by name the you come up and Mrs. Flournoy ( the principal ) gives you a special Pin then you sit back down. On the night of the thing I saw my friend Anna she did not make it to Academic Night but she still came to support me and my other friend Allison. After that we got cookies and Lemonade out in the hall. It was fun!