Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This is a stray cat in my neighborhood that I named Misty and she is resting on a couch in my neighbor's yard.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Studio C :)

I love Studio C ( the T.V show on B.Y.U. T.V.). It is SO funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait for the next episode! Here are some of their names, Matt, Malory,Whitney,James, Stacey,Jason, Adam,and Spencer. My favorite episode is Season 2 episode 1 it was hilarious! :) The Drivers ED teacher was being SO dramatic and don't forget funny! This week is AIMS( Arizona Instrument to Meet Standards) and I start on Mon. and the next episode is made but I have to watch it after school and Piano! I hope you will watch it too! I won't forget the part when Jeremy says he cries around beautiful women!!!!! Ha Ha!, :).  ...... What is your favorite T.V. show????????

Sunday, April 7, 2013

#1 Harry Potter Fan

I have been reading Harry Potter books with my dad since the beginning of third grade. I am in the end of fourth grade and I am reading the sixth book, The Half Blood Prince. Personally I do not  know who my favorite character is. The author, J.K. Rowling, lived in England (Which I love) and is now rich and has a mansion in Ireland (I am irish). I have read her biography and she is a lot like me  and have the same background. I don't just like the book because the author but also because of the book. I am not aloud to watch PG 13 movies so I have only watched book 1,2 and three. After I am done with  the sixth book we can watch the movie because it is PG. Almost everybody I know have watched only the movies but not the book! I think the book is way better and it can help your reading skills.After I read  all the books I am thinking of reading the Pearcy Jackson series. When I turn 19 I want to go to England, but I have to go where Jesus injures me to go.

Zoo Overnight

On April 5 I went to the Phoenix Zoo, with my friend Brooklynn. On the Way we saw a car crash, even a Police car got damaged. My Mom drove us in my Dad's car. Mom thought we were sleeping outside on the cement but we weren't, we were sleeping in an Activity building. She packed hot pajamas and a big sleeping bag but I slept outside my sleeping bag and I was fine. When we got there we saw many people there already.We met at the Bridge. Five minutes later my friend Katrina finally saw me and nearly hugged me to death! This was my first time sleeping without my Family and I was Home sick. Then we met the staff that were going to come with us, there was Autumn, Max, Blake (a girl), Tom, and Candace. We then hiked to the building we were going to stay at. First Autumn told us a story: A Zookeeper was cleaning a gorilla's cage while the gorilla was in her night house. Then he was done and the gorilla went back in her cage. The Zookeeper left a fifty dollar bill in there. He was willing to trade a lot of fruit to the Gorilla for the bill. Then the gorilla ate it up because if the Zookeeper  was willing to trade a ton of fruit for the bill, she thought it would be the yummiest thing she has ever eaten. But the Bill was disgusting. Then we went on a hike at ten o'clock! We could barely see the animals because it was so dark.We came back and the staff talked about many different animals and showed us live ones too. After that we went on another hike and ate snack at a little hut. We had lots of fun and Autumn taught us a song called "A tootie ta" then we hiked back and set up our sleeping bags.  The girls slept in one room and the boys slept in another. It took a long time for me to go to sleep. But I did. Katrina and Lindsay slept next to me. We woke up before six thirty! At six thirty we went on a hike to our breakfast. It was really yummy! Then we went on another hike. We saw a rhino and her name was Half Ear because half of her ear was cut off. We also saw a female and Male lion, and a girl tiger named Hotsia. Then we met Sok, the baboon. Max says he is very violent. We heard the female screech too. Then we went home.