Sunday, August 4, 2013

School coming soon!!

I am so exited for school!! But most of my friends aren't. Mainly because I kind of like school, both learning and the social life it's kind of like living in the jungle sometimes. For fifth grade I got Mrs. Hall. Everybody says she's nice and I trust them. I also think that it will be a wonderful year!! :)  My brother jonah got Mrs. Bretzke for fourth grade. I had her last year and she was fun. My other twin brother has Mrs. Dugan she's new this year. My youngest brother Asher has Mrs. Rissi. He's not  happy about his teacher. But I think she will be a great engaging  teacher.  This year art special ( class) comes to your classroom for art. I also get the opportunity to play...... THE TRUMPET!! Now our house will be as loud as ever. He-He :)


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  1. How fun! 5th grade! That was one of my favorite grades! Does your school go to 5th grade or 6th grade! Good luck with the Trumpet. Uncle Jon played that in high school.