Monday, December 1, 2014


             Our trip to Utah was beautiful, I forgot how pretty the mountains looked. My brother, Declan, was easier to take care of because he's seven months old now. It's Declan's first Christmas this year, and I am hoping for a white Christmas. In Arizona it only snows about once every thirty years. My cousins, Hannah, Maggie, Sophie, Caleb, and Katrina, are a joy to play with. We all like playing Harry Potter Clue, and watching Studio C together. When Katrina plays Harry Potter Clue with us we convert the characters into princesses, and scary objects into magical items. For example the "Floo Powder" is glitter. Caleb, Katrina and I are home schooled, while Hannah, Maggie, and my other brothers Ethan, Jonah, and Asher go to a public school. I think I will like it here in Utah. 


  1. We're glad you guys came to Utah. THe mountains are so pretty, in all seasons. A white Christmas is really special! You can eat freshly fallen snow instead of snow cones! I also think it's super neat you play Harry Potter stuff. I love Harry Potter. Go you! I hope all of your new beginnings here are great. Love ya!

  2. Good to see you blogging again! What a great time of year it is! You will be lucky to probably have snow for Christmas. Yes it only snows like once every 30 years in Fillmore too! Share your Utah adventures and about your new home with us! We love you and hope to see you soon!